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hello everyone! as you can see i am new here...i love survivor so much i thought i would join this community!

ive only started watching the show since Guatamala i think...the one when Stephanie first appeared (my favorite survivor of all time)...i instantly fell in love with this show...i was pretty excited when the following season came on and they brought Steph back...i was rooting for her all the way : )

long story short lol...ive immigrated to Canada and on the 9th of this month...on one of the tv channels here they are going to have a marathon of the complete first season of survivor!!!! i havent seen that one...nor could i find it online to download...i have to say that this is one of the best things that has happened since ive immigrated here...besides me being with my spouse...but it ranks right up there!

i have downloaded 4 complete seasons (amazon, vanuatu, palau, and all stars) and cant seem to find any good torrents of others...i should be downloading the season we are into now as the episodes are uploaded...but i havent been...anyone fimiliar with torrents?

oh yes one more thing...i have a few favorite survivors...Christie from Amazon...Twila from Vanuatu...and STEPHANIE!!! Terri pulled it off...pretty amazing i thought.

sorry this is so just so excited about the 9th...and tommorow(although i havent found a groove to slip into with this new season yet)...till then LOST will have to suffice.

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