dear_die_ary (dear_die_ary) wrote in survivorfans,

episode 12 tonight! is it 9 yet? lol

after 11 episodes (not including tonights episode) i think i have finally manage to get into this season...ozzy is for sure the man in this favorite as doubt that he could get to the final four before the other contestants throw him to the dogs simply because i feel that they wouldnt be able to compete against him...

so my prediction is that theyll ditch him after riding him all the way to the final four(if he doesnt win immunity) in that case its possible that if he doesnt win immunity up to that point he will be gone shortly...

so if he remains in the final four through the show down its possible he may take the gold on this season...he is a great competitor and he hasnt stepped on anyones toes(yet)...but the game has just gotten interesting

tonights episode has me waiting with excitement to see how things are going to pan out...

my least favorite players so far are johnathan and parvati...
- johnathan because he is simply a follower who thinks he has some huge plan to come out on top while making deals all over the place (i think he will soon be sniffed out on that)
- parvati because every season has to have one of her kind...annoying/mouthy(i just sense that about her)/and a waste of food
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